The Zig Zag Pavilion was designed as a functional art retreat, where visitors can experience a new kind of energetic space. The large structure is made of sustainably grown painted wood. There are eight sections made up of different length slotted panels. These eight panels are hinged together and bolted side by side in different arrangements to form an unexpected shape that appears to be moving. The lower interior portion of the green structure is painted grey. This portion of the structure invites visitors to climb through the terrain of the structure and sit or lay on the inclined slotted panels as they view the surrounding landscape through the abstract complexity of the pavilion. In this way, the structure can function as a new kind of space that merges art, architecture, and furniture. Conceptually, the shape of the structure wants to move beyond the idea of a form that is fixed in time. The shape of the Zig Zag Pavilion is open to the idea of change, it can be added to, and or subtracted from, depending on the desires of those who interact with it. 

Michael Jantzen Studio

The Zig Zag Pavilion