The Sky Cloud Pavilion was designed to become a structure that can change its color, graphics, texture, and/or the light opacity of its surface. This can be done either manually and or automatically, by mechanically weaving flexible materials such as fabric through its support frame.  Rolls of this flexible material are mounted at the ends of the frames, and small guide cables pull the material through the frames to reveal various esthetic and or functional options. The fabric and/or other flexible material is attached together like different images on a roll of film. As a result, the structure can be completely open with only the frame exposed, or part or all of it can be covered with a wide variety of different colors, textures, and/or degrees of opacity. This process can be controlled interactively so that the structure responds to various kinds of internal, and/or external stimuli such as temperature change, wind-loading and/ etc. The Sky Cloud Pavilion could also change its look as a direct result of the conscious and or subconscious needs or desires of its human occupants. As an example, the emotions of an individual or group of individuals who encounter the structure could be monitored by it, and the structure might change its color, graphics, etc. automatically, in order to better accommodate those feelings.   

Michael Jantzen Studio

Sky Cloud Pavilion