My Moving Pictures series of photo art is one example of my ongoing exploration into how one might reinvent the whole notion of what a photograph could be. Traditionally, a photograph is thought of as a static two-dimensional image. In my reinvention of the photograph, I started with static two-dimensional images, and gave them a great number of variations through the movement of specific parts of the photos. Each photograph has several circular sections that slowly rotate in and out of phase from the original image. Each of these moving sections are attached to special gear motors (mounted on the back of the photographs) that rotate the parts at about one revolution per hour. As a result, the whole image is continually changing. Sometimes the images reassemble back into their original form, and sometimes they do not. If three sections are not turning in tandem with one another on one photo (at 360 degrees for each) the image changes one thousand and eighty times every hour. As the different rotating sections become more and more out of phase with each other, the abstraction of the original image becomes more and more unexpected. In addition to the number and location of the pieces rotating within each of the photos, the size of the pieces can also vary.   
Moving Pictures (Reinventing the photograph)

Michael Jantzen Studio