The Fragmented Meandering House is a public conceptual art installation designed to be placed into a public park. It would be made of stainless steel and concrete. The installation consists of a center stainless steel structure that is formed into a symbolic house shape. The house is subdivided into four equal segments that sit on a concrete base. Each of the four segments can be moved by visitors along a track, which is embedded into a concrete path that meanders in different directions around the center base. The Interactive Fragmented Meandering House is part of a series of conceptual public art installations called, The House as a Metaphor. This series of public art installations plays with the iconic house shape in a variety of abstracted contexts, and sometimes juxtaposes the house with other recognizable symbols. Minimal and conceptual, these installations are meant to interrogate the meaning of the house symbol by exploring how simple interventions affect its interpretation. In this case, the symbolic house shape can be altered by those who choose to do so, by fragmenting it into any one of four segments, and rearranging those segments into unrecognizable abstractions of it’s original form. It can be very intriguing to observe (through this interaction) at what point in the reassembly of the original structure, does the full symbolism of the house return in the minds of those interacting with it. 

Michael Jantzen Studio

The Interactive Fragmented Meandering House