The Dark Shadows Pavilion was designed to provide a special place in which to contemplate the ephemeral nature of shadows. The structure is made from a series of prefabricated elements that consist of sections of bent steel pipe with a series of wooden boards mounted onto them at opposing angles. These elements are bolted together to form a very complex organic structure that refers to a large vine growing out of the earth to form the Dark Shadows Pavilion. The entire pavilion is painted black in order to blur the lines between the physical structure and the shadows that are cast by it. As a result, on a sunny day the shadows become an ephemeral extensions of the steel and wood structure as they continually move and change shape throughout the day.             A single cylindrical seat is placed at the center of the pavilion for the comfort of those who want to relax while they contemplate the ephemeral nature of the symbolic, and actual shadows that surround them. 
Michael Jantzen Studio

The Dark Shadows Pavilion