Michael Jantzen Studio

Cosmic Reliquary

 The object has a TV monitor tuned to the images and sounds of static built into the top. In the Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe, evidence of this event can be seen in the form of background radiation on the screens of our televisions. When the televisions are set in-between channels, the static seen and heard on the screens is said to contain residue from the radiation produced at the moment of universal creation. Based on this theory, my reliquary contains symbolic evidence of this cosmic event, displayed on the encapsulated television screen. At the same time the vessel contains symbolic evidence of a humans life in the form of their ashes. Now this person has symbolically been merged once again with that event which produced all life. The ashes would be contained in the lower section of the reliquary. They can be released little by little, by turning the knobs on the base of the cone. The ashes will fall into the gold dish from which they can be spread wherever desired.