Michael Jantzen Studio

Arbor Pavilion

 The Arbor Pavilion was designed as a public and/or private art structure to be located ideally in a private garden or in a public park. The structure consists of forty ten foot tall aluminum poles that are four inches in diameter. Each of the poles have a group of one inch diameter curved aluminum tubes extending out from their tops. Each of these one inch diameter tubes are connected to many others to form a large tangle supported by the forty vertical poles. Lights are mounted inside of each of the poles at the top in order to illuminate the tangle of tubes at night. The entire structure is twenty four feet in diameter. The circular base of the structure is covered with decomposed granite. At the center of the base there is a single circular bench. The Arbor Pavilion conceptually refers to a conventional arbor, which is supporting the growth of a large vining plant such as a wisteria or grape vine.