Michael Jantzen Studio

4-Squares Pavilion

The 4-Squares Personal Pavilion is 24 feet long, 24 feet wide and 15 feet high. It is made of naturally preserved and stained wood, harvested from sustainable forests. The pavilion was designed as a functional art structure that has built-in seating for twelve people. Four, four foot by eight foot six inch square frames, are connected together and fitted with twenty-eight slatted panels. Twenty-four of the twenty-eight panels are hinged onto the frame in different ways so they can be moved into different positions. The structure can be completely closed, completely opened, and/or set into many different positions in between. As a result, the amount of light and/or the amount of privacy inside the 4-Squares Pavilion can be controlled while altering the shape of the structure in many different ways. The structure is prefabricated and modular so its size can be increased. It can also be assembled on nearly any site and disassembled for relocation.